We stay true to our promises, sticking to the tenets upon which this Republic was founded.

To build a brand that will leave evergreen memories in the minds of her clients, creating unrivalled entertainment that would bring unrivalled happiness to Families for years.


To grow a conglomerate that would be a household name in the Nigerian and International entertainment Industry, through going beyond conventions to deliver at every promise made.


Cherdah Republic is a company built to bring the best of entertainment, at its most cost efficient and convenience friendly form to every person that decides to patronize the company. At Cherdah Republic, we have a team of very smart and exceptionally gifted personnel committed to giving you the best innovative and mind blowing experiences at any of the services we provide. We give your events the classiest and out of the world appeal beyond those fantasies you build within. You want it simple? We give you classic simplicity, you want it Sophisticated? We give you state of the Art

Know Our Services

We know the value of customer-company relationship thus, we stick to the instructions our clients give. We understand the huge cost of creating a nice event; however, our years of experience have made it possible for us to know the best way to give our clients the particular cutting edge finesse they deserve. We believe that a good event should never come on a cut throat budget; thus, we stick to our clients' budgets and make the best of them. We stay true to our promises, sticking to the tenets upon which this Republic was founded.We think outside the box, and then go outside the box to ensure we give our clients the best shot.

Know Our Services

Our duty to our dear citizens lies in staying true to the promises of our leadership, sticking to the tenets upon which this Republic was founded. We ensure that you get full value for every dime our clients pay for any of our services; thus going beyond conventions to give them merited satisfaction.


We are a serving Company. We solely exist to serve our citizens; therefore, we give our all to our clients' job specifications thus, ensuring huge productivity. We ensure we give our clients the best form of services they may demand from time to time.


We look at every tiny detail, no matter how small it is to ensure there is no room for errors at everything we do. It may be difficult, but that is why you considered us. We handle these difficulties and ensure you get nothing but satisfaction watching us do it.


We demand the best from all the departments within our establishment. A high sense of responsibility and commitment are attributes we instil in our staff to ensure they give optimum output at every task assigned, so as to give the desired output.