Event Management

We know full well the stress involved in running events, and its attendant end point complaints caused unprofessional and haphazard handling of things. We fit into our citizen's affordable budget to handle events and give them evergreen amazing memories in return.

Event Production

We don’t just sit around for our citizen's to get us busy, we come up with innovative concepts too, mind blowing events that would impact extremely positively on the society, and at the same time, help the Republic go ever closer to achieving her set down objectives.

Talent Grooming

We run series of programs to train people to become the best at whatever talent they have.Our dance and music academy, trains our citizens at voice control, stage performances, instrumental handling and sound management. Isn’t it obvious how much we care about our Republicans?

Music/Movie Production

We equally dabble into music and movie productions when the resources are right and the scriptsperfect. We said we offer total and quality entertainment right? We sure can’t do these without been part of these two industries, and we promise you the best, nothing short.

Models Management

We avail unrivalled innovation, novelty and world class standards to modelling. We groom models wish to make their way into the industry and pitch them to the best endorsements and hook them up with classy fashion shows to be employed as runway models.

Company Branding

We develop your office space aesthetics, build the best pictorial and graphical illustrations that would be used to market your brand using every available online and offline portal as our clients would desire. We will build our clients' businesses into the empires of their dreams.

Consultancy Services

We offer top notch consultancy services. We know our clients want to achieve a wide range of business goals within the shortest period of time; therefore, at Cherdah Republic we give clients quality guidance on how to achieve these things and avoid as much flaws and loss as possible.

Artist Management

We make every possible move to secure the best deals for the artists under our management, turn them from unknown figures to key industry players as they would most definitely desire. Undoubtably, eery Republican artist is a made star.

Event Promotion

We also engage in event promotions and publicity management of any sort. We apply the same strategy we use to get the public to be part of our projects and get our clients the target audience they have in mind for their events. Terms and conditions for this service heavily apply.